What is the Marketing Hall of Fame?

The only award which recognizes brilliance and innovation across the marketing profession as a whole. Marketing’s equivalent of the Baseball, Football, Hockey and Rock n’ Roll Halls of Fame. The Marketing Hall of Fame celebrates great marketers of all kinds, no matter what discipline they come from or what type of marketing they do.  It honors the thinkers, doers, and role models who are shaping marketing’s future.

its purpose is to elevate Marketing to where it belongs—at the leadership of organizations, public or private, large or small, established, startup, or not-for-profit. To change perceptions of marketing from a cost to an investment, from advertising and communications to every aspect of each audience’s experience.  To rescue Marketing from a subordinate role and put it in its rightful place as the North Star, the primary driver of innovation and growth.

Change is underway. Marketing’s responsibilities are widening. More marketers are being appointed to CEO and Board positions. Our task is to propel this movement forward, by showcasing the best of what marketing can be—through the achievements of our inductees.


Who is behind it?

The Marketing Hall of Fame has a proud past tradition. The American Marketing Association of New York, the creators of the Effies and the GreenBook, first launched the Hall of Fame over 20 years ago. Steve Jobs was one of its original inductees.

Seven years ago, the Marketing Hall of Fame was radically revitalized and reinvented, in accordance with our mission to build and better the future of marketing, by inspiring, supporting and celebrating brilliance in marketing. The process and event were streamlined and contemporized, along principles of inclusivity, transparency, and democracy.

Inspired by our inductees, we continue to evolve and innovate it, each year. But the goal remains unchanged—the Marketing Hall of Fame is dedicated to recognizing outstanding innovators in the field of marketing, and encouraging future generations of marketers to follow in their steps.


How can I make a nomination?

The Marketing Hall of Fame is the only award which embraces the entire marketing profession. Nominees can come from any marketing discipline—they can be CEOs and company founders, CMOs or Marketing Directors, work in advertising or branding, or research or data agencies, or be academics, journalists, or marketing experts of any other kind.

Recognition is given to individual marketing innovators.

Visit our website or join our mailing list to learn how and when to make Marketing Hall of Fame nominations.


How will inductees be recognized?

The outstanding marketers who win the vote each year are recognized at an exciting Induction Ceremony held in New York City. This celebrates the achievements of the winners visually and verbally. It is an inspirational and educational occasion. Each inductee, from the perspective of their careers, shares their vision on the future of marketing and the steps we can take to shape it.