Why the Marketing Hall of Fame?

Baseball, Football, Hockey, Rock n’ Roll all have their Halls of Fame. These are famous institutions. Each celebrates greatness in their field with honors and festivities.

Now it’s marketing’s turn. Marketers who do so much to create fame, not only for products and services but also for the footballers and musicians, do nothing to recognize achievement across the field of marketing. The fragmentation which has beset marketing—into TV and digital and social and direct and outdoor and so on —is reflected in a proliferation of specialty halls of fame. There is a direct marketing hall of fame, internet marketing hall of fame, network marketing hall of fame, and of course the advertising hall of fame. But, there is nothing that recognizes outstanding contributions to the marketing profession as a whole…until now.

Who is behind it?

The New York chapter of the American Marketing Association, the creators of the Effies and the GreenBook, have launched an all-new Marketing Hall of Fame, in accordance with our mission to build and better the future of marketing, by inspiring, supporting and celebrating brilliance in marketing.

This revives a proud past tradition, whose awardees have included Steve Jobs, Shelly Lazarus, Seth Godin, and Jon Iwata. The Marketing Hall of Fame is dedicated to recognizing outstanding innovators in the field of marketing, and encouraging future generations of marketers to follow in their steps.

How can I make a nomination?

The Marketing Hall of Fame is the only award which embraces the entire marketing profession. Nominees can come from any marketing discipline—they can be CMOs or Marketing Directors, work in advertising or branding or research agencies, or be academics, journalists, or other marketing experts.

Recognition will be given to individual marketing innovators.

Visit our website or join our mailing list to learn when we will be accepting Marketing Hall of Fame nominations.

How will inductees be recognized?

The outstanding marketers who win the vote will be recognized at an exciting Induction Ceremony which will be held yearly in New York City. This will celebrate the achievements of the winners visually and verbally. It will be an inspirational and educational occasion. Each marketer will receive a beautiful, custom-designed award.