Brilliance in Marketing and Celebrating the World’s Best Marketers

The Marketing Hall of Fame celebrates the world’s best marketers, recognizing brilliance in marketing and innovation across the marketing profession. We honor great marketers of all kinds, no matter what discipline they come from or what type of marketing they do. Here is where you find the top marketing thinkers, doers, and role models who are shaping marketing’s future.

Top Marketers Drive Innovation and Growth

The world’s best marketers drive innovation and growth. Marketing’s role in the leadership of organizations, public or private, large or small, established, startup, or not-for-profit, is growing. Once a cost, marketing now is seen as an investment that is critical for both increasing market share, company size, and profit. By showcasing the achievements of our inductees, we celebrate the role marketing and top marketers play in business success.

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Criteria for Nominating 
Top Marketers

To qualify for election to the Marketing Hall of Fame, marketers should meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Marketing that works
    Innovations that have transformed organizations through purpose and had a dramatic impact on business results
  1. Raising marketing’s profile
    Increasing the influence of marketing, e.g. getting a seat on the board, expanding marketing’s remit to include innovation and growth strategy
  1. New marketing tools and approaches
    Pioneers of new marketing technologies and new ways of measuring the impact of marketing
  1. Developing marketing leaders
    Inspiring, educating, and mentoring future generations of marketers
  1. Prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)
    Spearheading meaningful change, with industry-wide initiatives that celebrate differences and create inclusive environments
  1. Promoting sustainability
    Initiating actions and programs that positively impact our culture, our planet, and our people.

Democratic, Transparent, Inclusive, Diverse:  
Inductee Selection Process

Open nomination: The process begins with open nominations from diverse fields. We open the nomination phase to all in our industry.

Eligibility: Nominees can come from any marketing discipline—they can be CMOs or Marketing Directors, founders or CEOs, work in advertising, branding, research or data analytics agencies, be academics, journalists, or be people who have contributed substantially to marketing in some other way. The awards are reserved for current marketing practitioners from anywhere in the world. They must have been in the marketing profession for at least 10 years.

Voting phase: When nominations are complete, those candidates with the most nominations are submitted to the Marketing Hall of Fame Academy, an invitation-only, exclusive yet diverse group of senior marketers from the corporate, agency, research, and academic worlds. The job of an academy member is to vote on a list of the 40-50 top nominations to produce the shortlist of candidates. This process takes place in the autumn.

Judging: A select and inclusive group of CEOs of major marketing industry associations, thought leaders as well as the past year’s inductees review the short list of finalists to select the ultimate inductees.

Induction: The top marketers selected as inductees are recognized at an exciting ceremony held in New York City every spring. It is an inspirational and educational occasion. Each inductee, from the perspective of their careers, shares their vision on the future of marketing and the steps we can take to shape it. The Marketing Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony has become the most valued networking event in the field of marketing.

A Proud Tradition  
Spanning Decades

The Marketing Hall of Fame has a proud past tradition. The American Marketing Association of New York, the creators of the Effies and the GreenBook, first launched the Hall of Fame over 20 years ago. Steve Jobs was one of its original inductees.

Since then, the Marketing Hall of Fame was radically revitalized and reinvented, in accordance with our mission to build and better the future of marketing, by inspiring, supporting and celebrating brilliance in marketing. The process and event were streamlined and contemporized. Adhering to the principles of diversity, equity and inclusivity, the selection of the world’s best marketers is transparent and democratic to honor those who have truly made significant and lasting contributions to the field.

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